How SelectFire Works

Since we are a free cheat provider you may wonder how we make money because nothing is ever free.. Right?

Social Media

Selectfire is most supported by many youtubers in the cheating scene, Some of these youtubers help us fund Selectfire via making videos for us that help us reach more people and more people = more google ad views.

Donations & Tips

Selectfire also makes some income via Donations / Tips by users that want to see the software and site expand to bigger and better things. If you are interested in helping in this way feel free to send us an email via the contact page found above.

Google Adsense

Selectfire makes 90% of its income via google ads running on the site to help fund the server fees and DDoS Protection. We ask kindly users whitelist us on any adblock for this reason.

Cross Site Advertising

Selectfire makes money by providing advertisement to other sites and partners that we support such as Steam-Boosts, CheapBoosts & other cheat or service providers on the interwebs.


Down below we have some key points as to why you might find Selectfire right for you, feel free to join our discord as well if you have anymore questions.

Large Feature List

Selectfire has a feature list of over 120+ features so you can have tons of fun testing out new things every time you start your game.

No Personal Info

We never ask you for your name, phone number or billing address so you never have to worry about your info being leaked because we simply never ask for it.

Fast & Direct Downloads

We use a fast external download host so you never have to worry about waiting for your fresh update downloads as we keep you and your time in mind.

Large & Helpful Community

We highly recommend you join our very large Discord sever as there are always people to help answer questions and help new users have a great experience.

Always Free

We will never charge for our software and you can rely on our software always being 100% free to download and use for the lifetime of our product.

Never Worry About Viruses

We are a very large software provider and we always keep our software clean of anything that could harm a users hardware. Without your trust we wouldn’t have made it this far and we have no intent in changing that.

Check Out What Popular YouTubers Say About Us

” The cham styles you guys use are awesome and the fact you have a designer working with these cham styles it’s to be expected that the visual upgrade from base Osiris was going to be great”


CSGO Content Creator

“The Pros.. It’s a YouTuber run cheat, It has Discord support, Has a good site, It’s easy to use and has detailed instructions. The cons for one it’s pasted, you have to subscribe for the download and its uses a public injector with no actual SF made loader”

Steeve 転 LIVE

CSGO Content Creator

“Making a Selectfire config is pretty easy and it seems to get constant updates so that’s good, it’s a pretty smooth cheat but of course it is because its a legit cheat”


CSGO Content Creator

Our Statistics 

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