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Disabling Anti-Virus

Selectfire requires you to have your anti-virus and windows defender off because a cheat is technically a virus. When you think of a virus you thing of software made to steal or hurt your hardware or personal information. Cheats are Viruses but not there to steal your information but information from the game to say render ESP or control your gun to give you Aimbot. Cheats latch on to your game process so you can “Hack” so to your computer it is a virus but to you it’s a “Friendly Virus” and will not harm your hardware.

False Positives

Feel free to scan our DLL file we provide but know you will always get false positives because of what is stated above regarding the fact IT IS A VIRUS but again.. a friendly virus that’s there to manipulate game code not YOU so you can have a great time cheating your way to global elite status.

Configs & Software Setup

All Configs are available the #Config section on our Discord. Feel free to join our discord at anytime for configs and general questions or even people to play with as we are a massive growing community and are always welcoming new people.


Disabled Anti-Virus

Download SelectFire

Un-Zip SelectFire

Download Injector (Linked)

Close Steam

Launch Injector

Wait For Game To Load


Menu Key (INSERT)

Meet Our Staff Team

These are the people that make Selectfire possible.


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