Frequently Asked Question

This should help most of you with general questions and concerns but if it doesn’t you are welcome to join our discord for further help.

VAC Protection

We always suggest to use our software on a throw away account ever since red trust factor became a thing. With the VAC Bypass we include in the download you should be 100% safe from VAC but not red trust. We are always removing features that could put our users at risk but we aren’t AI and don’t see everything coming. So far VAC Free for over 365+ days. 

Injection Steps
  • Download the software
  • Use Winrar to unzip
  • Start the injector
  • Let Steam & CSGO load
  • Once Loaded Choose the DLL
  • Inject & Enjoy
  • Insert Key to open & Close
Manual Updates

As we don’t have a loader just yet all updates have to be done manually. What this means is you will periodically have to come back to the website to see if there is a new update so you can download it once again. Join our discord for accurate update posts.


If you experience crashing it might be due to an update and the best way to know is based on the update log in the Discord. If there is no update you may be missing some Microsoft files needed for the software to work. we recommend downloading visual studios 2022 and adding the C++ package to the install as this will download all needed files all at once.

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